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Our publishing partners and clients are often awe-struck when they get a chance to see our recommended book list. 

Our shortlisted titles are 100% meet the expectation of our targeted young readers.   

We research, analyse and understand readers at different age and from different culture. 

We understand that local culture and multicultural societies have great influence on the content of a book.

We review thousands of books every year. We only select the ones that really capture readers’ interests and meet their development needs.

Children’s literature includes picture books, digital books, audio books, comics, and magazines, etc. 

A never-ending debate

in children’s literature circles

Defining ‘picture books’ is tricky.  There is overlap with illustrated novels and comic.

“Most of these theoretical constructs seem to have in common the idea that there is a way in which the totality of the picture book, including words and pictures as well as peritextual elements, is much greater than the sum of its parts.”    (Sipe, Lawrence R. 2012. Revisiting the Relationship Between Text and Pictures. Children’s Literature in Education 43: 4-21. 11).

Under the category ‘picture books’, there are board books, baby books, bath books, books of maps, pop-up books, tiny books, mahoosive books, chapter books, and comic strips… 

And one more question – what makes a good children’s book?  Must it be instructive and nutritive?  Traditionally, there are two ways to define a good children’s book:  content-oriented and results-oriented. 

Considering a perspective of psychological value, the child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim advocated “… a good book would promote the child’s ability to find meaning in life… It must stimulate his imagination; help him to develop his intellect and to clarify his emotions; be attuned to his anxieties and aspirations; give full recognition to his difficulties, while at the same time suggesting solutions to the problems which perturb him.” 

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that children are reading books.